Freelance Writing for Creatives - Fall 2022

Go From "Am I a Good Writer" to "Of Course I Am"

Hello, you wonderful creative person!

Tell me if this seems familiar:

You open the Artist’s way for 50th time…  
...but instead of reaching a 100-day streak of sticking to morning pages you find yourself…    
Struggling to finish Day 2.

Maybe you're distracted by the many things going on in the world. Or maybe your brain is going to town with the "who will care about this?" or "actually, I'm terrible" thoughts.

It's not that you don't have good ideas and talent. You do. But...
You end up gatekeeping your own ideas before you even get a chance to build a body of work

The truth is...
Once you stop saying no to your own ideas, you’ll finally open the doors to creative opportunities you don’t even see coming. 

 It starts with building the muscles of
- doing small creative tasks
- putting them out there, and
- getting paid for them.  

Those small pieces of validation build up your confidence for bigger creative goals.
With freelance writing, you get to build your confidence, voice, and body of work - and make some cash along the way.

And sooner than you think, you're writing more, using your delightful creative skill, and getting paid.


This writing class is the place to tackle your glorious, creative dreams whether you’re…

    • A creative copywriter who'd like to branch out from clients who cut all the fun things out of your copy.
    • An actor looking for work that uses your creative skills while being flexible enough to support you. Whether auditions are slim or you’re calling him Bobby DeNiro on the set of The Irishman II, freelance writing is a gig that uses that creative skills you've spent years refining.
    • An aspiring TV writer who wants to use your vast writing background to get paid while your spec script is shopped around.
    • A creative person who’s always wanted to write for magazines and papers but never knew where to start...

You’re in the right place! This class will show you that cool bylines and getting paid to write is possible. Even without a fancy degree, tons of published articles, and a rich husband to float you while you get started.

Imagine telling your family that you write for Huffington Post, Business Insider, or Vox. Imagine writing that article without a million thoughts of "this isn't good enough" haunting you in the background. Imagine living up to your creative potential and banishing "I should be writing more" from your vocabulary.

Even if you only write stories like "6 Canned Wines for Summer" or "Why Rocky IV is the Best Rocky Movie," you're completing projects, getting paid, and bulking up your creative muscles.

It would be easy to hit the gym if you got paid to lift weights, right? Well, freelance writing does exactly that.


Freelance Writing for Creatives

A 10-week course with everything you need to know to start writing articles for magazines, papers, and publications —
even if you have zero writing experience.

Stop saying no to your ideas and experience the creative satisfaction of building a body of work 
(that pays some cash)

This freelance writing class teaches you how to write articles, pitch publications, and most importantly — gets you writing. Not thinking about writing. Actually doing it and getting it done.

You’ll complete at least 6 articles (in a timeline that matches the real world of writing), finish with a portfolio of samples (giving you the confidence to keep on writing long after the 10 weeks are done), and pitch almost every week without having a freak out or frying your nervous system (to real deal publications like Huffington Post, Vulture, McSweeney's, Business Insider, Thrillist, Vox, Polygon, and other places my students have been published). You might get a paid assignment before class is over (a quarter of the students in my last class did just that).

The next class starts September 26th. Much of the course is pre-recorded videos you can watch when you like. Then, the live coaching calls are every Thursday and Saturday. Come to one, both, or none of the live calls! Everything is recorded, so you can do the class on your own schedule, but still have the live accountability to start writing, keep writing, and write some more.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Complete 6 articles (creating a pretty sweet portfolio, that could also make you a little cash)
  • Know how to write a pitch that gets read and accepted 
  • Pitch like a pro (and email editors without a hint of freakout, just confidence in your idea)
  • Build a body of work that’s out in the world and opening up doors to other creative opportunities
  • Create a personalized schedule to make writing and pitching easy (even after the class is over)
  • Never be out of ideas (okay, you might sometimes be out of ideas, but you’ll learn lots of brainstorming techniques)
  • Gain tools to fight all the “who cares about your idea?” and “why should you be a writer?” shitty voices in your head (we all have them, but there are ways to help those crappy voices settle down)
  • Write! Not just think about maybe writing someday. You’ll write, haven written, and keep writing in the future

"It is no exaggeration that this class changed my life! Thanks to this class, I successfully pitched and published a humor piece in McSweeney’s, one of my favorite publications. This class took my lifelong dream of becoming a writer and gave me the tools, accountability, feedback, and encouragement I needed to make my dream come true."

- Risa Harms

 "Amber’s writing course was life-changing for me in more than one way. Not only did it teach me the ins and outs of freelance writing, but in 6 months I've managed to actually become a published writer, have no fear or trepidation about sending out pitches, have entered myself into worldwide writing competitions, and even started taking on clients and doing their social media. Now I'm working as a professional writer in a topic that I'm knowledgeable at!  Never in a thousand years did I really think anything like this could happen to me, so thank you." 

- Robyn Hunt

My students have been seen in...

Who the hell is Amber Petty?

I’m Amber Petty and after being an actor for 13 years in New York, I got  tired of waiting for auditions to play “girl who’s unpleasantly surprised by scale” in Weight Watchers commercials, moved to LA, and started freelance writing. 6 years later, I write full-time, have appeared in The New York Times, Thrillist, Greatist, Parade, IFC, MTV, Bustle, Syfy Wire, and Snooki’s blog (jealous?). Plus, I've helped over 150 students start writing.

Years ago, when I started writing, I was  a mountain of "who cares what you have to say, nobody wants to hear from you, you're not good enough" — just never ending.
But, because I started freelance writing,  I had little articles to complete and doable projects that didn't feel super important (unlike trying to write a screenplay or a novel which felt very important).

Seeing my work get published, even when it wasn't the greatest thing ever (my usual metric for completing anything) I was able to start writing, build confidence and get paid while that was happening.  

So while it feels weird to say that writing Snooki's favorite pickle recipes helped me start a business and write for the New York Times — it absolutely DID.  

And who even cares about me! My students say it helped them write their screenplays and pitch movies —even though that's not what the class is about. My class helps you build resilience and strengthens your work because:
- you ARE regularly writing
 - you ARE putting yourself out there and
- you ARE getting in front of an audience that's so much bigger than your Facebook page  

And you're doing it with the support of my 6 years of experience and a group of wonderful peers ready to cheer you on.

"I got published in the HuffPost! That's freaking huge. I can call myself a writer and it's actually true. This has really boosted my confidence and encouraged me to keep pitching and writing.  This class really lit the way for practical and manageable steps to write and get published. It is well organized and helped me to take things in easy steps instead of feeling like I'm standing in a room where 100 pillows just exploded and I need to organize all of the feathers. The streamlined approach is so helpful and seeing, oh, I can do this and it's NOT a huge time suck or this giant deal." 

- Dr. Alice Kerby

Some happy words from former students

I am so happy that I was in this class. I was very impressed by the way that Amber responded quickly, actually gave thoughtful feedback to everything we wrote and made assignments that were fine-tuned to each student. Even though this class was virtual, it had the feel of an IRL mentorship and for that I'm truly grateful"

Chealsia Smedley

  I've done more writing in the last two months from this class than I have in the last two years.

Genna Masia

  This class was a total game changer for me. I felt like Amber understood how my brain works and therefore I was able to cut through the creative blocks every week. I'm a serial procrastinator and often self sabotage. This time, I turned in every assignment and felt more and more confident each week.

Emily Mallon

What's Inside This Course?

A combination of video trainings, downloadable pdfs, templates, and weekly live coaching over 10 weeks. You get to learn at your own pace, get the accountability of deadlines, and meet other lovely writers to help you out. 
Class starts September 26th
Want more details? Oh, I've got 'em!

Week 1: Freelance Writing 101 & All of the Lists

You'll learn...
  • What even is freelance writing?
  • A Freelance Writing Glossary of terms you need to know
  • How to find your areas of interest you’d like to write about (and yes, you have areas of interest outside of Netflix)
  • How to find publications that pay freelance writers
  • How to organize your ideas (and the places you want to write for)
  • Find out how to write a listicle (and write one)
  • Plus, you’ll get tons of real life examples, support pdfs, and your first writing assignment!

    • Fun fact: My student Robyn sold a list of 100 pre-millenium candies to Buzzfeed for $150. With no published writing samples. 

“I moved from not knowing shit about writing for well-known publications to understanding the process and realizing that it's not that difficult to get my work published.”

- Jasmine Minty

Week 2: The Pitch Is Back

You'll learn...
  • How to write a pitch 
  • How to find editors’ contact information
  • How to come up with ideas (when your only idea is “I have no ideas”)
  • Get a fill-in-the-blanks pitch template you can use over and over
  • Plus, you’ll get over 10 pages of real life pitches that sold and your first pitching assignment (yes, you start pitching right away, so your chances of getting a “yes” start right away)
  • Fun fact: Vincent pitched in the second week of a previous class and had an article published in Business Insider before the month was over. With no previous article writing samples. 

"I got 3 articles picked up which makes me feel like I can really do this. Even if I didn’t, I’m so happy to have done the class for so many reasons. I’ve taken so many writing classes but Amber has a way of telling me things that feel new. The meditation tracks were awesome. Also the class was just super productive for me yet I didn’t have a complete breakdown. How did Amber do that?" 

- Julie Hoang

Week 3: Getting Personal (Essays)

You'll learn...
  • What is a personal essay?
  • How a personal essay pitch is different
  • What makes a personal essay different from a live storytelling tale or a comical anecdote your friends like
  • How to handle Shitty Daria (aka the negative voices in your head that say “who cares about what you write”)
  • Plus, a worst case scenario exercise, lots of essay examples for inspiration, and you’ll write a personal essay yourself!

    • Fun fact: Aimee, my first student sold her first pitch (a personal essay) for $500. With no published writing samples.

“Prior to taking this class, I did a lot of thinking about writing. I read tons of books about it, I dreamed about it - I did everything but actually write. Perfectionism kept me from even trying. Amber created a safe space for us, an environment free of shame or judgment. For the first time in years,  I was able to start writing. The practical focus of the class helped me to push through my fear. This class is the best gift you can give yourself! It will change your life. I'm totally serious.  

- Elizabeth Reynolds

Week 4: Make It Happen

This week you get extra time to complete assignments, ask questions, finish previous work, or do a bonus article - a satire piece.
Since life has a tendency to get busy out of the blue, the Make It Happen weeks give you more space to write without feeling rushed, hustled, or overwhelmed.

Fun Fact: Risa Harms was inspired by the bonus satire assignment and wrote an article on a whim. It got published in McSweeney's and trended for days.

"When the only voice of feedback you hear is the one in your head, writing can become paralyzing. And that's exactly where I was before this class. But thanks to the format of the class and the way everyone can communicate with each other so regularly, I received feedback that's made me silence my imposter syndrome with much greater strength.
Part therapy. Part summer camp. And a whole lot of writing.
The class inspired me to follow my path and return to writing about things I care about — music and the arts. With the confidence I gained in this class, I sent out a few pitches and inquiries to organizations I would want to write for, and within one month had work on the calendar with three symphony orchestras.” " 

- Michael Cirigliano III

Week 5: How to How to

You'll learn...
  • How to do a “how to” article (you don’t need to be an expert to write “how to do” something).
  • How to find sources (learn what’s a reputable source, how to find expert interviews, and properly site things in a not-super-boring way)
  • How to source images (without running the risk of getting sued)
  • Plus, exercises to keep you motivated, more how to examples, and your next assignment
  • Fun fact: Jamie sold a piece about air fryers to The Kitchn for $125. With no published writing samples.

"'First I was afraid, I was petrified...' LOL. Seriously though, I've wanted to look into freelancing for a while but didn't feel like I could figure out the process or gather resources. This class has changed the way I think about my writing. Amber’s valuable down to earth advice, editing notes, and assignments were easy to understand and gave me the chance to test what methods worked for me. To be honest, this was the only writing class I've had where I didn't feel judged. Being in a class where there was no judgment meant that I really kept myself accountable and felt compelled to push myself. "  

- Krystle Hawkins

Week 6: The Dumbest Idea

You'll learn...
  • Why the dumbest idea is often the best idea
  • How all articles don’t have to be life changing, they just need to be interesting or helpful
  • Examples of many dumb pieces I’ve written (and been paid for!)
  • Plus, you’ll find out how to set a sustainable writing & pitching schedule for yourself (that doesn’t involve waking up at 5 a.m.)
  • And of course, you’ll write a “dumb” article
  • Fun fact: I got paid $200 to write about why Rocky IV is the best Rocky movie for IFC. Before I worked for IFC, I had no published writing samples.

"Before this class, pretty much only my laptop and a couple of friends knew that I could write because I was horribly stuck on not understanding protocol to get anything formatted for publication, let alone published, and therefore was struggling to produce work. Now, I actually have access to the space in my brain that lets me make things and send them out into the world. Two of my satire pieces were picked up by great comedy sites which totally changes what I think is possible for me, all thanks to Amber.”  

- Audrey Dundee Hannah

Week 7: Rewrites!

You'll learn...
  • Who has to do rewrites? (spoiler alert: everyone)
  • How to do your own rewrite
  • How to respond to editor rewrite notes
  • Exercises to keep you motivated
  • Plus, real life success stories, support pdfs, and a chance to do a rewrite of one of your previous articles!
  • Fun fact: Jocelyne got paid $275 to write about podcasts for Thrillist. This doesn’t really have anything to do with rewrites, I just wanted to brag on my student’s behalf. And she had no previously published samples.

"The real examples of how students pitched, re-pitched, and got their stories sold were inspiring and motivational. Sharing Amber's own journey with us really proved that yes, if we keep at it, we stand a decent chance of earning income as freelance writers. JUST TAKE THE CLASS ALREADY! And I'd also say that it's really fun, Amber is amazing and you'll be surprised by how quickly you're up and writing, pitching and publishing."   

- Ann Van Haney

Week 8: The Assignment

You'll learn ...
  • How you get assignments (you don’t always have to cold pitch)
  • What to do when you get an assignment
  • Things that make editors love you
  • The most important thing to do when you get an assignment
  • Plus, I’ll assign you an article! The topic may be something different, but this week will replicate what it’s really like to work with an editor.
  • Fun fact: Remember Robyn with the candy list? That list got her two more direct assignments from Buzzfeed within a month. 

"One of my big life changers! I started writing again, after so many years of not writing. The class taught me how to pitch in a professional but fun way, and made me love (almost!) pitching. I especially enjoyed the individualized attention to my writing since Amber presents feedback in such a motivating way. The class made me take a more together and organized approach to my work, so that when I have a minute or an hour I can sit down and start writing!"

- Lisa Rau Staff

Week 9: Keep Making It Happen

Another week to finish longer assignments, take a little break, or do a bonus article - a piece of cultural critique!
You also get a chance to catch up on bonus expert workshops, get feedback, and get extra live coaching.

Fun Fact: At the beginning of class, with no previous experience with freelance writing, Joan Kubicek said her dream writing job would be to write about TV for New York Magazine's Vulture. Six months later, she has a TV byline in Vulture and a regular gig doing entertainment coverage.

"The class made me really happy to go back to writing and get two pieces published! The weekly calls gave me a sense of community, and taking the course provided structure to my writing life.  I worried I would be too busy to  make the most of the class, but knowing that Amber would still review assignments after the 10 weeks made me sign up. Community, concrete tips for being a writer, Amber's video feedback (helpful, quick turnaround), it adds up to a practical, low-stress, fun way to start freelance writing." 

- Julie Kling

Week 10: The Future is Freelance

You'll learn...
  • What happens after you turn in an article
  • How to follow up if editors are unresponsive
  • How to ask about actually getting paid (without being a jerk and while also getting the money you earned)
  • What happens when something goes wrong (you make a mistake, the editor kills the piece, the newspaper folds — these things happen and you can easily recover from all of it without ruining your future career)
  • How to apply for posted/staff writing jobs
  • Plus, a final assignment of whatever type of article you want. 
  • Fun Fact: I've made over $10,000 (and counting) just writing for Greatist. And it all started with a cold pitch responding to a Facebook post looking for skeptical wellness ideas. 
  • And that writing led to me to my own column, a free trip to stay in a beachside mansion and see wild horses, and a year's worth of free personal training. 
  • Freelance writing isn’t a road to riches, but it can lead to surprising creative opportunities. 

"My ability to write and pitch my screenplays improved even though that isn't at all part of the class. My writing partner and I wrote an original pilot plus a pitch deck. I feel like this class directly improved my ability to write the pitch deck in a unique voice and have fun with it. In all aspects of life I feel more prepared to put myself out there and not overthink it so much.

- Aliki Raisis

Plus - 10 Live Coaching Sessions
(well, technically it’s 20 if you can make both times each week!)

Every Thursday at 4:00pm PT and Saturday at 11:00am PT, we meet live. Come to one, both, or neither! Everything's recorded, so you can ask a Q, get an answer live, and watch it back on your schedule.

In these sessions, you can...

  • Ask all your questions 
  • Get help working through writing blocks
  • Bond with a group of delightful writers
  • Talk to live humans and remember you aren't going through this class alone, you have accountability at every turn

"The hybrid between it being online and having live classes made it feel like a 'real' class than a purely online one--there was accountability but it also wasn't overwhelming.  It's the best alternative to journalism school I could have found."

- Julia Rittenberg

Plus Plus - Wednesday Co-Working Sessions

Have trouble writing alone? Get a chance to write together every Wednesday. You'll get a prompt (that you can ignore if you like), write for 45 minutes, and talk through any questions or other stuff you want to share.

It's guaranteed time to write every week.

Plus Plus Plus - Supportive Private Slack Group

In Slack, you can...

  • Get updates on all the latest editor pitch requests (so you know exactly what they're looking for)
  • Brag about your wins or get help when you're stuck
  • Ask me questions anytime (seriously, I'm on it maybe too much)
  • Get support and not have to write alone
  • Fun fact: Slack isn't Facebook! It's more chill than your average Facebook group and easier to find info & answers.

"Being able to watch the videos on my own time and at my own pace as well as having the choice between two live sessions every week allowed me to keep up with the class despite an ever-changing schedule. Both the weekly lives and the Slack channel plugged me into community with creatives all over the world who offered kindness and support."

- Kathryn Whisler

To sum it all up, when you enroll in Freelance Writing for Creatives,
you'll get:

  • 10 modules that give you inside information and practice writing a wide variety of publishable pieces
  • Accountability for 6 completed articles
  • Pitches sent out to the world (the world meaning editors)
  • Fill-in-the-blanks pitch template (my students have sold pitches using this)
  • More than 10 pages of real life pitching examples, including my exact pitch that got me in the New York Times
  • Nice notes and personalized feedback on every assignment
  • A Freelance Writing Glossary to cover all the terms you need to know
  • An ever growing list of over 250 Paying Publications That Take Pitches
  • Supportive Slack group to keep you writing
  • Weekly live sessions, so no question goes unanswered
  • Downloadable pdfs with key info to support every module 
  • Videos and guides you can reference whenever you want, long after the class is over

  • You’ll get a module and assignment every week for 10 weeks, so you’ll know everything you need to start writing and keep writing!
  • (A $1199 value)

That's it...Just kidding. Look at these bonuses!

Get support, motivation, and accountability and to help you start your new writing life.

Bonus 1:
Personalized Video Feedback on ALL your writing
(value $399)

You won't have to worry "am I doing this right?" I give notes on every article and pitch, send those notes to just you (no getting critiques in front of class and pretending it's cool). So you won't have to parse out vague, group feedback. You'll know exactly what to do to make your writing better.
Plus, ever get notes and think "I hate that jerk!" only to reread them later and realize the notes weren't that mean? That's why I do a video! You can tell the tone is supportive and see exactly what to change.

"The video feedback was GREAT - I didn't expect it for every piece and pitch, but getting notes for everything I wrote was SO helpful. There is so much that is difficult to convey just in "notes in an email". With videos I could see your tone and feelings."

- Amy Tallmadge

Bonus 2: Freelance Resume & Cover Letter Workshop (value $200)

Find out how to take all your wonderful job experience and craft it into a lovely cover letter & resume. You'll get real examples of resumes and cover letters that worked and a fill-in-the-blanks template to make resume writing as easy as possible.

"I applied for one of the writing jobs in Amber’s newsletters and got it! And it's directly as a result of her class.  Not only knowing about the job but being able to format the resume, write the cover letter, know what they would be looking for in the interview and how to present myself (and having the confidence to do so) was all due to her class.  If you invest in a class looking to make the money back, this is the one."

- Tyler J. Oakley

Bonus 3: 100s of Current Editor Pitch Requests
(value $36)

You get a free 3 month subscription to Sonia Weiser's Opportunities of the Week. I share her cultivated array of editor pitch requests. So, you'll know what tons of editors are looking for right now and exactly what to send them.

Another Bonus?!
Live Workshops with editors & authors to expand your skills
(and find out how to get a book deal)

How to Write Amazing Satire (And Maybe Get a Book Deal) w/Caitlin Kunkel

Caitlin Kunkel (co-creator of the Belladonna, co-author of New Erotica for Feminists) joins us for a live for a 60-minute workshop on satire writing & gift book publishing. She shares the exact template she used to get a 6-figure book deal and teaches a masterclass on honing your satire writing.
 Plus, you'll get instant access to her previous workshop, so you can get a head start on your McSweeney submissions.

Selling Your Opinion w/Jen Balderama, Washington Post Opinions Editor

Want to write an Op-Ed for the Washington Post? Why not ask a Washington Post Opinions Editor for advice? You’ll get to talk to Jen live, find out what makes an opinion piece sellable, the best ways to pitch, and how to avoid her pet peeves. 

How to Talk to Celebrities w/Shane O'Neill of the New York Times

Want to write celebrity profiles? Well, Shane O’Neill, staff writer at The New York Times will be there live to help you sharpen your interview skills, learn how to deal with a celebrity’s “people” (aka, their PR team), and provide insights to his life as a writer for the nation’s biggest publication.

What An Editor Wants w/Jess Novak

Taking her years of experience editing for Greatist, Bustle Digital Group, Clean Plates, and other cool places, Jess Novak spills the real tea on what editors want. She'll answer all your questions and will share the best ways to pitch her directly after class.  Multiple students have worked with Jess after meeting her in this workshop. Even if you don't write for her write away, this industry connection is super valuable.

"The potential for the class changing my life is huge. I needed that puzzle piece of how things are done on the internet, and Amber provided it with detailed instructions. You also gave us terrific contacts (Jess Novak reached out to ME) and so many ideas. So before I was an oldtimey former print reporter who is tech savvy but confused about how it's done now, and now I feel much more confident about making it happen."

- Barbara Lewis

Plus you get an invite to all future expert workshops. Forever.

Every time I bring a new expert to class, everyone who's ever taken the class gets to come.

Which means you'll get to meet new editors, writers, and publishers not only this fall, but next spring, the year after that, and on and on forever (unless the sun burns out or something, then I probably won't keep going with the class).

It's a great way to continue networking (in a way that doesn't feel gross), make new industry connections, and keep your skills top notch - all included in the price of one class.

Instant Access to a Library of Pre-Recorded Expert Workshops

Culture Writing & Life as a Staff Writer w/Angelica Jade Bastién

Staff Writer at New York Magazine, Angelica Jade Bastién will talk about her years as a film and culture writer, ways to enhance your cultural criticism, and share what life is like as a full-time writer for a prestigious publication.

Find the Right Angle for Your Entertainment Pitch w/Allegra Frank of Daily Beast

Former Slate editor and current Entertainment editor at the Daily Beast, Allegra Frank talks about pitch pet peeves, ways to make personal entertainment essays more eye catching for editors, and some background on life as an entertainment editor.

The Art of Film/TV Writing w/Alonso Duralde

Reviews editor at The Wrap and co-host of the Linoleum Knife podcast, Alonso shared tips for pitching film reviews, how to get started in entertainment writing, and ways to add artistry to your tv/film coverage.

This pre-recorded workshop is ready for you to watch the second you sign up for class! 

How to Get Paid to Write Personal Essays & Pop Culture Coverage w/Mia Mercado

Mia Mercado (writer for New York Magazine's The Cut and author of Weird But Normal) meets with us live to share her expertise on personal essays, humor writing, and the process of getting a book deal.

If you've ever wanted to make a living writing about Real Housewives or comical essays about your life, this workshop is a must.

Pitchable Personal Essay w/Emily McCombs of Huffington Post

Multiple students got their first bylines in Huffington Post from this workshop with Emily.  
Emily's kind notes, inside information on a huge national publication, and notes on pitching make this is a perfect way to improve your essays and jumpstart your chance at a byline for Huffington Post (and improve your pitches for every other publication).

Enroll in Freelance Writing For Creatives Today

Class starts September 26th

One-Time Payment


4 Monthly Payments


Is my class the cheapest writing class? Nope.

But you get a lot from this course.

Videos you can access forever - so as your writing career grows, you have a resource you can turn to again and again (plus no more wasted time Googling "wait what do you put in a pitch again?")

Live expert workshops - so you can make industry connections and pitch directly to editors who already like you.

Weekly deadlines to keep you accountable - so even when your schedule gets busy and your brain goes "I can't write, I need to vacuum!" you still send out a pitch, boost your confidence, and keep building a body of work you love.

Plus, a Slack channel to ask questions or get help whenever you need it. And personal feedback on everything you write 

If you turn in 20 articles and pitches, you'll get notes on all of it. Student Graham Cameron said:

"The personalized feedback on my articles was fantastic. I’ve taken sketch classes with 4 students and I didn't receive that much feedback and Amber’s doing it for 80+ people! Amazing!"

This isn't your college writing class where you spent thousands of dollars to get notes from the opinionated dude in class who found your female characters "unlikable" and your professor mostly corrected your grammar and discouraged anyone from having a career. 

In Freelance Writing for Creatives, you'll be able to talk through your writing blocks, find new ways to get through them, and be excited to keep writing.

I'm here for you to answer questions 12 hours a day (I do have to sleep and eat, so it's not quite 24/7).

My full-time job is helping my students write more and get the bylines they want. So, when I say I'm here to help, I mean it.

Plus, the class is designed to help you work faster and get your work out into the world. Which is why so many students sell stories before class is over.

Fun fact: Students sold pitches as early as the 2nd week of class.

Now, I can’t promise that every pitch will get accepted (it won’t). But my students have a good track record of making money before the class is over.

And I make it even more likely to make money with my...

20 Pitch Money Back Guarantee

Though there are benefits to writing that go far beyond getting published, let's be'd like to get a byline and make some cash.

So, I have a 20 Pitch Guarantee! If you don't sell a story after 20 Pitches - you get your money back.

Not only will I give you a fill-in-the-blanks pitch template, over 16 pages of real pitches that sold, and personalized feedback on all pitches before they ever leave your inbox - I also make pitching feel relaxed.

Right now, when you imagine reaching out to editors, you might feel anything but relaxed. In fact, you may have a full "editors will hate this, laugh at me, and blackmail me from writing forever" freakout even thinking about pitching.

That's okay. That's how me and lots of my students started out.

But with my combination of fill-in-the-blank pitch templates, real examples that sold, and personalized feedback to ensure you're always submitting something professional, interesting, and in your voice, pitching stops feeling so hard.

Since I'm not magic, I can't guarantee you'll sell a pitch in your 1st or 2nd try (though some students do!). But with a hint of tenacity - you will get a yes.

Whether you pitch 20 times in 10 weeks or take up to 6 months to do your pitches, you'll feel a difference in your writing, your confidence, and your bank account.  Plus, you'll be shocked at how chill you are sending pitches to your dream publications.

So, if you pitch 20 times and all my individual feedback and tools don't get you a byline - you deserve your money back!

"I learned how to pitch, became more confident at it with practice (pitched 6x), and got an acceptance at Insider!"

- Nicole Zimmerman

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Some lovely Qs other students asked before joining my class

Yes! It doesn't matter if you've never worked in a "creative" job. There are plenty of creative people that work in offices every day! I use the term creative to speak to people that want to do more than just work and go home. If you're a person who wants to write, express ideas, and contribute something a little different to the world - you're a creative. No matter what your job title says right now.

That’s totally fine! When I started, I didn’t have any published samples. Almost all of my students that sold pitches had zero published samples when they pitched their story. This course is designed to take you from “I don’t even know” to “let me tell you a thing or two about writing." So you don’t need any previous experience to join.

Hell no! I have a degree in Theatre from Hunter College. I might as well have a degree in Who Cares from Nobody Gives a Fuck. Editors aren’t checking your transcripts. If you read articles online and think “yeah I could write something like that,” you have all the qualifications you need to get started. 

No! Since I’m a former actress, I know the ins and outs of the acting world very well and how to apply those skills to freelance writing. But my students have been aspiring TV writers, comedians, performers, photographers, and people who aren’t in the entertainment industry at all, just really want to write and never knew where to start.

 No, sorry. I haven’t pitched a TV show, so I couldn’t help you out. This class is for articles for publications, magazines, and papers. Places like Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Thrillist, Greatist, Bustle, and so on. 

Yes. Writing nearly an article a week isn’t a stroll through the garden, but it’s pretty normal for a steadily working freelance writer. This will give you practice in being less precious and perfectionistic in your work and get you in the habit of writing more, more often. I’m not saying it’s easy, but you can do it.
Also, I'm not your mom or your high school teacher. If life comes up and you don't turn something in - that's fine. You can turn in assignments even after class is over and still get feedback.
But, you'll probably write every week and feel really good about it.

Approximately 3 hours a week. You could do more. You could do less. But in 3 hours (which includes the weekly Zoom call), you’ll be able to get through the materials and write a draft of your articles. If you want to spend 10 hours a week — great! But you don’t need to abandon your children and family just to make time for this class.

No problem! You can ask any question you like before the call, I’ll answer it live, and you’ll have access to the recording whenever your schedule allows. So no matter your schedule, you’ll still get personal attention.

Yes! You can reach me via the Slack channel anytime or inquire on our Zoom calls. Plus, you'll get video notes on everything you write, so there are many, many ways to get answers and feedback from me.

Not really. Though lots of the practices you’ll learn would work for forming a writing habit, I won’t be covering any details about writing or selling fiction in class. Also I don't know how to do novels. But I hope you write one!

 A robot may have asked this, but yes and no. Sometimes freelance writing is easy and yes you do it from home. But it takes work to get started. You’re starting an entirely new job in a new field, that doesn’t happen overnight. I made enough money to pay my bills through writing in about 6 months (I worked a lot and worked hard at it). In about a year, I made about $5000 a month. I can’t guarantee what you’ll make, but I know this class makes it much easier to get started, get in better publications, and make more than I did starting out. Perhaps with this class, you’ll never have to write Pickle Roundups for Snooki’s blog like I did. 

"This freelance writing class definitely changed my life because I learned HOW to pitch and received so much helpful information and encouragement. I can take 'how tf do I start freelance writing' off of my to do list! That alone is HUGE.  

Trying to explain the personal mental shift that happened for me because of this class would be about as interesting as me trying to tell you about this weird dream I had last night. Suffice it to say that this course was a much-needed push for me, and I will forever see it as a turning point in my work. Thank you.  

Also gained: finally calling myself a writer without cringing!"

- Mx. Elle VanDyne

Still Not Sure?

First of all, I’m so thrilled you’ve read all this. You’re a delight.

Second of all, think about what you have to lose. You want to write. And the last shitty 2 years have made us all realize that life is short and you deserve to do all the things you've wanted to do. So, while you’re waiting for the world to go back to normal, you could find creative satisfaction and a newfound confidence in your skills.

That gets your name out there and leads to all kinds of strange and lovely opportunities.

You could wait and think about the writing habit you’ll pick up eventually. Say "I'll start tomorrow" and let many tomorrows pass. See other people get bylines you want and realize it's already Christmas, how did that happen?!

Or you could start writing. Learn how to pitch. Love your creativity again.
And start making money from something you’ve always wanted to do.

Plus, you’ve got that 20 Pitch Guarantee. So, seriously, there’s no risk.

You’re a wonderful gem and I can’t wait to guide you through the next 10 weeks…

Freelance writing changed my life. Is it always a dream job? No. But I get to put myself out there, get paid to write, and have had so many incredible opportunities stem from my choice to write a spec article about bad video game movies.

It’s not easy. There are ups and downs and insecurities that come from every creative career. But freelance writing is much easier than working as a theater manager and having people treat me like garbage. Or running around NYC from job to job just barely scraping by. Or working retail, hating life, and knowing my work meant absolutely nothing.

With writing, my work never felt worthless. Even when I wrote for Snooki’s blog, I still made something, had my name on it, and maybe it cheered up someone’s day. The hard work was worth that creative satisfaction. So in that way, freelance writing is much easier than all my former side jobs.

In the past few months, I’ve worked with over 100 students and proudly watched as they were published in Huffington Post, Vulture, VoxBuzzfeed, Thrillist, Eater, Insider, The Girlfriend, and more.

If you choose to work with me over the next 10 weeks, I promise you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish. I’d love to say I’d change your life, but I’m not made of magic. But you will be so much more confident in your writing skills and shocked by the amount of opportunities out there.

Hope to see you in Freelance Writing for Creatives. Can’t wait to see what you write.

  • - Amber

Class starts September 26th

One-Time Payment


4 Monthly Payments