Want more subscribers without social media? 

Find out how I got 9,000 of my 11,000 subscribers without giving Zuck a dime or sacrificing sleeping hours to make a million reels.

In this 2-Hour workshop, learn how to place newsletter ads, where to find them, and create copy to add another 20 - 2000 people to your list.
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Hello, lovely business owner!

Let me guess, you want more people on your list, but you don't want to waste your life posting on Instagram or figuring out why Meta changed the entire ads center just to make it worse?

Organic traffic is great when you get it, but it's unpredictable and some of us aren't made to live on TikTok (or post 52 part viral stories about our sketchy ex-husbands).

Instead, you can get good, quick growth without forgoing your next rent payment.

It's not SEO, or Pinterest, or appearing on podcasts.

It's newsletter ads!

I.e., a short ad for your freebie, newsletter, webinar,  or podcast, that appears in someone else's newsletter.

In the past 3 years, I've used newsletter ads to get at least 9,000 of my 11,000 subscribers.

And no one's talking about this! Well, it's the internet, somebody probably is.

But there's no other place to learn how to find newsletter ads, the best ways to advertise, and get critique on your copy...all in one workshop!

Before the workshop details, here are a few things that make newsletter ads so great:

Hit Targeted Audiences Without Algorithms

Every newsletter already has a targeted audience. If you want to reach millennial moms who want parenting help in Toronto, you can find a newsletter that fits. That way, you never have to mess around in Meta and wonder why $.69 leads became $126 leads (a real thing that happened to me). Instead, you pick newsletters that fit your audience, hand over the copy, pay one time, and see the new subscribers roll in.

 Sign Ups for Under $3 a Lead

Newsletter ads typically range from $25 - $400 per ad. Some email marketing spots for big publications might go up to $650 - $1000. For nearly all of these ads, I got results for less than $3 per lead. Some were as low as $1. I'd happily pay $3 a person if it means I had to do half as much (or almost zero) social media promotion. Way less effort + much bigger audience = no burnout for you.

Support Other Creators While Growing Your List

Who wants to pay Google, Meta, or Elon? No one. No one wants to give them a dime. Instead of wondering if your hard earned money went to building another golden dick rocket, you can directly support creators. These newsletters operators are small business owners, writers, and coaches themselves. So, you get to keep creators in business while growing your own.

Whether you're...

  • A coach/business owner who wants to grow their client base without feeling like a ShamWow salesman 
  • A service provider who wants to grow their list in a low stress way
  • An author wanting to grow their platform 
  • A creative looking to build an audience for their newsletter

You're in the right place!

Imagine sending a few emails, writing some short copy, and knowing new subscribers are on the way.

It's easy to do with...

Grow Your Audience With Newsletter Ads

The Overlooked Way to Get Subscribers Without Social Media

In this 2 Hour Live Workshop, you'll find out:

- How to find newsletter ad opportunities
- A counterintuitive trick to get the most subscribers from every ad
- Copy guidelines to make your ads feel human and drive sign ups

Plus, you'll get:
- A curated list of vetted newsletter ads (ones I've used to get thousands of subscribers)
- My real results (see my exact costs per lead, copy used, and mistakes to avoid)
- Time to write an ad (so you don't put it off till the "next time" that never comes)
- Live feedback! I'll personally look over as much copy as I can, so you can strengthen this and all your future ads.

Live 2-Hour Workshop
Thursday March 14th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 6pm GMT

"The class gave me the confidence to share my writing on my own terms. Amber is incredibly encouraging and talks you through all the doubts and insecurities that you might have in the process. 1000% recommend. Worth every penny."

- Gabriela Ramos Tavarez

 "Doing Amber's workshop and starting my newsletter added credibility to my writing. Now, I have a great platform for my upcoming memoir."

- Anna Dao

Grow Your Audience With Newsletter Ads
The Overlooked Way to Get More Subscribers Without Social Media 
Tuesday March 14th
11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 6pm GMT

Get the recording. Keep forever.

One-Time Payment

 "Amber motivated me to take my newsletter marketing seriously and gave me practical, actionable ideas to do just that."

- Amy Tector

Hello, I'm Amber Petty!

I’m Amber Petty, I've been a writer for 8 years for places like the New York Times, Parade, Greatist, Bustle, and more.

5 years ago, I started a newsletter and got...20 subscribers and gave up.

But 3 years ago,  I shifted my topic, learned how to get through "no one wants your newsletter" thoughts, and figured out how to keep growing without giving myself 4924 marketing tasks every day. Now, I have 11,000 subscribers and my newsletter's gone out every single week.

Because of my newsletter, I was able to leave my full-time copywriting job, teach delightful people how to get bylines, and make $110,000 in my first year and $527,000 all-time (about 3 years).

An audience is a miracle for any writer. Though ads cost a bit of money, they save so much time! I'd probably have 3000 subscribers right now, if I never found newsletter ads. My first newsletter campaign cost about $100 and helped me make $15,000. A $7000 campaign brought in $64,000.

I can't promise these exact numbers, of course. But I guarantee if you put some money into simple ads that save you time, help you grow,, and make your work a serious, business priority...that's going to pay off. Either in straight up ROI cash or extreme confidence in your work (or both). Not a bad trade for 130 characters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

March 14th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 6pm GMT  We'll meet live and everyone will get a recording.

Yes! This works great for coaches, small business owners, service providers, authors, or anyone who wants to build their list full of people who'll buy their stuff.

Yes! You don't need to dive in and pay thousands on ads. But spending $25-$50 will get you more subscribers and help you prioritize your newsletter/email list. 

Have you done newsletter ads? If you have, then don't take this. If you haven't tried placing ads in newsletters - this will absolutely work!

As much as you want! Isn't that annoying? You can start by spending $200 - $500 in ads (or start at $25). As you find the ones that work, you can go as high as you want.

Yes! You'll get a chance to write an ad during class and I'll give notes on as many as I can. You'll also get a resource with specific places to buy newsletter ads, so you can get one in motion right after the workshop is done.

No! This is a one-off workshop, so there's really no room for refunds.

Email me at Amber@Amberpetty.com. Ask me anything you like!

Grow Your Audience with Newsletter Ads
March 14th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 6pm GMT

One-Time Payment