How To Generate Sellable Story Ideas

You sit at the keyboard.
Ready to brainstorm ideas and write something lovely.

But one phrase echos through your mind:
"I have no ideas."
The good news: You do have ideas. Lots of ideas!

Ideas that editors would love to read.

All it takes is a little guidance, inspiration from sold stories, and exercises to keep the ideas coming.

Let the stories flow with...

How to Generate Sellable Story Ideas
An Instantly Downloadable Guide & Course to go from "I have no ideas" to "I can't wait to pitch this" 
With this workbook & course, you'll get...

  • A video course to take you through brainstorming, writing, and pitching exercises, aka multiple ways to get through blank page anxiety.   
  • A 42-page guide that takes you through all the steps you need to get your first byline.   
  • Pre-recorded 2 hour workshop with exercises to find new ideas, write more, and hear expert feedback.
  • Five 5-Minute Exercise Videos to make writing quick, manageable, and fun.   
  • 365 Days of Writing Prompts so you get a full year without the excuse “I don’t know what to write about.”   
  • Journaling Pages to keep your ideas organized.  
  • A new confidence in your ideas!

Miish Grixti

I can now see how my ridiculous ideas can actually be *worthwhile* to pitch. That's HUGE for me.

 Amber helped me change the way I think about my writing as well as the way come up with ideas and given me more hope than I expected.

Krystle Hawkins

Hi, I'm Amber Petty!

I've been a freelance writer for 8 years, have been seen in places like the New York Times, IFC, MTV, Parade, Bustle, Greatist, and Snooki's Blog (jealous?).

 In the past 3 years, I've taught over 1000 students and helped many get their first (or first in awhile) bylines in places like Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Insider, Buzzfeed, and lots more.  

"All my ideas suck" used to be the only idea I came up with during a brainstorm. But after some time (and therapy), I found ways to get through those fun inner critic voices and get some ideas down.  

Ideas are like Pringles - once you pop you can't stop. But unlike Pringles, ideas are good for you (and not made of weird, smashed up potato bits).  

When you find out the kinds of things editors are looking for and ways to tap into your natural, creative self, ideas are easy.  

This mini-course gets you to the easy part a whole lot faster.

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