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Marketing = Creative Freedom

Marketing probably feels more like a gross, annoying thing you have to do to grow your audience. But marketing and promotion is really just an extension of what you're already great at - being creative!

Get practical tools to market your story, newsletter, book, course, membership (or any other creative work you want to promote).

Watch Now. Keep Forever. Change Your Creative Career.


You'll learn how to get your work out there
and why it's not as scary as you think.
                                                             - Freya Drake

Promotion doesn't need to feel gross. 

 It can feel good for you and your future readers, students, or clients.  

Don't make another obligatory Instagram post while wanting to vom.  

Make peace with marketing and use promotion to give you the creative freedom and control you want.  

This Workshop Includes...

Mindset Reframes

You won't promote your work if it feels terrible.

These mindset reframes help you think of promotion in a new way. It helps get you out of your head and remember that sharing your work is NOT a punch in the's a gift.

Practical Promo Tools

Find out ways to talk about your work beyond "read this," "buy this," or "if you could do me a favor, I know it's such a hassle, but if you wouldn't mind maybe reading this one thing, no problem if not."
Plus, learn how to not be repetitive, small places you can share right away, and how often you should be promoting your stuff.

Promo Breakdowns

Get live training and bonus videos breaking down a successful book promotion and an email sales sequence.
These real life examples show you the many ways to market your work and see fun promotion in action.

Bonus: Email Sales Sequence That Made $8000 in 5 Days

See my real sales emails!  Get the full sales email sequence (stats and all) that brought 185 people into a new membership.

Even if you're not selling courses or memberships, it's a great example of how to talk about one thing many ways.

These same techniques will work for books, newsletters, or courses. Plus, you'll see that I emailed a lot and no one murdered me!

Getting access to successful sales emails could easily be an offer of its own.  But because I like you, you're getting it for free with this $125 course.

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Hello, I'm Amber Petty

I've been a freelance writer for 7 years and written for the New York Times, Parade, MTV, IFC, Greatist, Thrillist, and Snooki's blog (jealous?).

Over the past 2 years, I've helped hundreds of creatives get bylines in places like the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Insider, Vulture, Vox, Atlas Obscura, and lots more!

Plus, I help creatives grow their audience, start newsletters, and have the confidence to send out their work with abandon.

For most of my life, I hated promoting myself. It made me feel like an a-hole who's constantly fishing for compliments.

I hardly promoted my writing or shows, gave away tickets for free (yes, the girl in the sparkle fringe dress used to do musical theater. Shock of shocks!), and acted like anyone was doing me a huge favor by deigning to look at my work.

When I decided to start a newsletter and grow a business, I had to change my tune on promotions. So, I learned how to do it in a way that didn't feel gross, spread the word about my work, and often leaves readers delighted.

Now...I like marketing. Something I never thought I'd say.

You can hope for a major deal, a viral hit, or Oprah to drive by, steal your manuscript, and put it her book club before Reese Witherspoon gets a chance at the goods. Maybe that'll happen.

But more likely, you'll have to promote yourself.

And when you get good at it (or when you don't hate it with a passion), you gain control of your creative life.

This live workshop helps you do exactly that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now! You get both a recording of a live session of the workshop and pre-recorded, bite-sized lessons to guide you through all your promo woes. You can watch the whole thing today or review some of it next year, you keep it forever!

No! As long as you have something you want to promote, this will help you do it. That could be sharing a byline, promoting a book, selling a course, offering merch, or any creative project you'd like to get more eyes on.

No! I have one small suggestion about social media, but most of this is geared towards mindset, writing about your work in a new way, and a few small ways you can start sharing (Threads not required).

No! It will help you think differently about your big projects and give you some advice, but this won't help you put together an entire marketing plan.

Yes! There's nothing specifically American about this course (except for my accent).

Probably not. If you know a lot about marketing and promotions, you might not need this. Though, you still might like to see my sales email sequence that brought in 185 members to my brand new membership.

Don't fret! Just email me at

"Gaining the confidence to put myself out there is definitely something that I'll carry over to other aspects of my life!"
Insia Malik
"The real world skills that Amber gives you are priceless. Life changing."
Cathy Stephens
"Amber’s class is sort of like an HBO special - you’re always laughing and enjoying yourself."
Bonnie Sludikoff

Promote Your Work...
Without Feeling Like A Jerk

Watch Now. Keep Forever. Change Your Creative Career.
Bonus Workshop Recording and Email Sales Sequence Included.

Most popular

One-Time Payment

$150 USD

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