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The Anti-Perfectionist Writing Party!

It's like waking up for Saturday morning cartoons, except your mom won't stop you and you'll get a bunch of writing done.

Every Saturday in June from 9am - Noon PT 
(12pm-3pm ET/5pm - 8pm London)

Bring your novels, short stories, essays, unfinished pitches, or anything else and get 3 hours of writing time.

Not just 3 plain-old hours.
3 hours in a wonderful group, broken up into doable pieces, with anti-perfectionist tools to tell that "it's not good enough" voice to F off for a bit.

With a Slack group for extra support and live meetings to write the easiest way possible, you'll end June with an impressive word count.

All for only $199

Remember how fun it was to wake up on Saturday morning to watch cartoons all by yourself?
That feeling is writing form!

Sure, I spent most Saturday mornings either sleeping in or going to dance class, but there were still beautiful moments where I woke up with nothing to do but be creative and have a good time.

As a kid, I wrote everything from the Adventures of Super Hair Girl (inspired by my very long hair), a collection of poems (with "she's only 8!" written on the cover to convey my young brilliance), and an array of musical reviews featuring the best of the Little Mermaid and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

It didn't matter if these things actually got published or viewed by anyone but my mom. The fun part was doing it. Nothing else mattered.

You probably had a similar carefree time that gave way to an adulthood of overthinking, second guessing, and spending more time worrying about writing than actually writing. Me too!

Lucky for you, you get a complete break from your perfectionistic brain!

Spend 5 Saturdays in June writing like a kid (with a lot more skill) with a group of delightful writers.

With anti-perfectionist tools, advice, and accountability, you'll breeze through June and be amazed at how much you got done.

All without hating your work.

Join the Anti-Perfectionist Writing Party!
Every Saturday in June from 9am - 12pm Pacific
Recordings for everything. Slack group to ask questions, share, and keep the party going.

Coming to you live with no makeup!

This isn't some formal Zoom where you need to take notes and pry your eyes open to stay awake.

It's a relaxed writing session, broken up so you can get the most done in the least time.

Plus, there'll be the opportunity for questions, meeting other writers, and sharing your work.

PJs, cereal bowls, and snacks highly recommended.

I'll be rocking up in no makeup and probably a Simpsons t-shirt. But I'll be 100% there to help you write, get through doubts, and kick overthinking in the ass (at least for the month of June).

You'll set a goal and reach the goal by the end of the month. Then, you'll share it with at least one other kind person.

You practice writing freely and getting your work out there, so your perfectionistic brain gets the message that your "it's not good enough" work is actually pretty amazing.

Bonus: I'll share your work, announce your project, or include a link to your newsletter/social media in my newsletter!

That's an extra 11,000 eyes on your wonderful work.

If you don't want to share, cool. But if you do, it's a big free ad with your name on it.

Starts June 1st.

$199 or 2 payments of $100

How does this work?

We'll meet all 5 Saturdays in June for a 3-ish hour writing session.
It'll go by in a flash.

The Sound of Music is 3 hours and everyone loves that (I know not everyone loves the Sound of Music, but go with me here).

Just like Maria Von Trapp breaks up her story with songs to make the 3 hours fly by, we'll break up the writing sessions so you can get the most done while still resting your brain.

How will it be broken up? Like this (all times are Pacific, Los Angeles time):

  • 9:00-9:05am - Chat, drink coffee, wait for inevitable lateness (it's Saturday, I get it)
  • 9:05am -9:10am - Mandated screwing around time (this helps a ton)
  • 9:10am - 9:35am - First uninterrupted writing session
  • 9:35am - 9:40am - Break
  • 9:40am - 10:05am - Second uninterrupted writing session
  • 10:05 - 10:15am - Break
  • 10:15am - 11:15am - Last uninterrupted writing session
  • 11:15am - Noon - Questions, chat, meet cool people, or leave early!

The mix of 25 minute and 1 hour writing sessions gives everyone a chance to settle into their work, not get distracted, and have plenty of time to get a lot of writing done.

In other classes, students wrote up to 250 words in 5 minutes.

With these sessions, you'll be blazing through your work like Stephen King.

Oh look, bonuses!

In addition to the 4 live calls, you get...

Delightful Slack Group

Find writing buddies, ask questions, and share your work anytime in the Slack group. You won't get feedback on your work, but you'll get something better: encouragement and belief in your project.

5-Minute Exercises & "Meditations"

To keep writing throughout the week with zero freakout, you'll get a new 5-minute exercise. It's an easy way to keep up your progress with a busy schedule. Plus, you'll get a few "meditations," i.e. comical, semi-inspiring audios to help you rethink perfectionism.

The Chance to be Seen by 11,000 New People!

If you hit your goal at the end of the month, you get a shoutout to anything you want to promote on my newsletter. I've paid up to $800 for an ad in a newsletter my size. You get it for free.

Who is this for?

  • Writers working on a novel, memoir, play, screenplay, short story, essay, or array of pitches
  • Creatives who want to explore their writing in a very low pressure, fun-first environment
  • Grown ass ladies (all genders really, I just like the word lady) who want dedicated time to make stuff like a kid again
  • Writers who want space to brainstorm and start a new project
  • Perfectionists who want a break from overthinking and a chance to write without their shitty 10th grade English teacher (or inner critic of choice) stopping every sentence

You could do it on your own...

"Yeah, I'll just write by myself for 3 hours every Saturday."
If you can do that, hooray. Really, hooray.

But a lot of the time "I'll write for 3 hours on Saturday" becomes "I'll write for an hour on Saturday" then "well, I'll write next Saturday" then "sometime in the next 12 years, I will write something at some point, AGGHHHH!"

Especially if you're working on a longer project (like a novel, memoir, screenplay) or a deep project (meaningful essays, layered short stories), getting the motivation to chip away at it in your spare time is tough. There are sunny days and episodes of TaskMaster to watch!

Or, you could get 5 beautiful Saturdays to focus on you and your creative masterpiece in motion. With help to chill out perfectionism and bring fun back to writing.

It's 15 hours of writing! Just for you!

A huge chunk of your project will be done just as summer officially starts.

It won't be easier to find time in the fall.

Start your summer with the creative satisfaction of working on what you love.

The Anti-Perfectionist Writing Party!

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