The Pitching Hour

The closest thing to me pitching for you.

Guaranteed time to write
Every Wednesday at
Noon PDT/ 3pm EDT/ 8pm BST

Only $25 a month

Hello, you delightful creative!

When it comes to pitching publications, I bet you've thought this once or twice (or 500 times)...

“Are they taking pitches?”
“Where should I pitch?”
“Is this pitch going to take too long? Probably. Cool, I’ll just clean my entire apartment or get lost down a tarot TikTok rabbit hole.”

If these questions are running around your brain, you'll be so relieved in the Pitching Hour!
The membership that practically guarantees you’ll sit down to pitch. And it’ll feel easy *gasp*.

Every Wednesday, I tell you where to pitch, who to send it to, and how to do it. It's the closest you'll get to me sitting down at your desk and pitching for you.

All you have to do is show up, write, and hit send. 

Plus, there'll be live pitch feedback, focused time to write (so you write lots more in way less time), and an opportunity to ask questions on any pitching problem.

With this, you keep the momentum going, write new pitches, and start working on all those paid assignments coming through.
When we're not working together live, you can look through All Your Pitching Questions Answered - a library of 40+ videos with all the pitching training you'll ever need.

Plus, a pitching template, examples of previous sprinter pitches that sold, and possible prizes just for showing up to a Zoom call.

All for only $25 a month (aka 1/10th of what you’d make from any publication I recommend). Or $250 for a year (aka, 2 months free and you could pay for the whole year with one story).


Since joining, I've found myself thinking about potential pitch ideas again - without needing to sit down and force my brain to conjure up something reasonable (or even unreasonable). Having potential new markets presented, the pressure's released, and I've been able to recapture that easy creativity. Coming up with one or two pitches every week is no longer a chore or a dreaded task I have to push myself to check off the list.
-  Andria Kennedy

I absolutely love the Pitching Hour. I find myself constantly having too many things on my plate, and having a dedicated time each week to meet with other writers has encouraged me to set aside time specifically for my freelancing goals.  This group is full of thoughtful and supportive people. I've loved seeing other people's spins on the same pitching calls I'm responding to, I enjoy giving other people feedback, and the feedback I've received on my own work from Amber and the rest of the crew has been immensely helpful. I feel like I've found my people here!
-  McKenzie Lynn Tozan  

I've gotten significantly more confidence about the whole process- I am connecting with other fellow writers, and I have pitched more frequently, so much of my head trash is being taken out :)  Being tuned into current calls for pitches, connecting with others, realizing Im not alone, everyone has the same experiences with editors, and confidence etc, and constantly learning!
-  Mira Zaki      


"Now I know I'm going to write"

 "I just finished the Pitching Sprint and it's hard to describe how much I value the work that you do. I'm transitioning between teaching and writing and honestly, I was starting to think that it just wasn't going to happen for me. However, you've helped to restore my faith. Now, I know I'm going to write, or at least give it everything I have.

- Jo Steer
Got a byline in Huffington Post a week after this email

A cool byline is just a pitch away

It’s easy to get bogged down in all the info that’s out there.
Sure, there are a million publications and editors.

But sifting through it all, plus honing in on a story, plus finding the time, plus battling the “who cares about this?!” voice that pops up every time you write…

well, it’s a recipe for getting overwhelmed and giving up.

Pitching doesn’t have to be a hassle.

In the Pitching Hour, I make it as easy as possible.

You can strengthen your writing muscles, angle ability, and confidence so pitching doesn’t remain an impossible task.  

Remember, not every pitch has to win a Pulitzer to be worth publishing.

I’ve had students get their first bylines writing about Frasier, K-Pop, and candy and they all went on to get full-time writing jobs.  

But none of it would have happened without a pitch.

"The Pitching Hour gave me focus and made the whole process easier."

 "I went to your recent Pitching Hour and LOVED IT!!
It’s always so hard for me to really focus in any way that’s productive. I have so many interests and things that I think would be awesome, but then fizzle out when it comes to figuring out who would be interested in publishing a story, how the story should be centered, how I might get paid for such a thing, etc. The Pitching Hour gave me focus and made the whole process easier.”

Madeline Rae

Who is the Pitching Hour For?

You'll love this accountability group if you're...

  • A Creative who wants to see their name in Huffington Post, the Washington Post, Vulture, Vox, or [insert dream pub here]
  • An Entrepreneur who wants to get more eyes on their work and ideas, but doesn't want to work with a PR company or pitch "um...I guess write a story on how great I am?" over and over
  • A Copywriter who'd like to get credit for their work, not have annoying clients take all the life out of their copy, and write something a little more creative than "buy now."
  • A laid off Journalist who wants to keep doing what they're good at without getting screwed by whatever random conglomerate decide to buy a publication and ruin it.

Who is the Pitching Hour NOT for?

This might not be the right fit if you're...

  • Only trying to pitch screenplays, novels, or fiction (I don't have any background in those categories, so I won't be able to help you!)
  • Only trying to pitch agents (I don't have an agent, so no help there!)
  • Looking for lots of personal feedback (I have that in Freelance Writing for Creatives, but here I'll answer any questions during the lives, but there won't be individual notes).
  • A jerk. 

Ooh look, it's time to write!

Writing isn't about focusing one time, sending an idea, and saying "good job, I'm done forever!"

It's about showing up consistently. Not writing perfectly, but writing often and gaining the courage to share your work with people who'll love it (and pay you).

Getting a byline is great, but those lovely "well, that first article was just a fluke" or "you don't have any other good ideas" voices might come back and making pitching and writing feel as hard as ever.

You have to slog through the hoards of publications, elusive editor emails, and fight off the "why don't we just watch old episodes of Murder, She Wrote" impulse that comes along whenever you open your laptop.

Or, you can set time aside every month to focus on your ideas and getting your stories out there.

Get guidance on how to chill out the "who cares about this" voice and get back to the "oh yeah, I'm great at this!" voice that got you started.

And meet a ton of other incredible writers every month on Zoom ready to say yay for all your future bylines.

Start chipping away at imposter syndrome and build up your confidence. One pitch at a time.

Not once in a while. Or whenever the mood strikes you.

Get 12 new places to pitch every month and time set aside every week to keep writing.

All without burnout or overthinking.

In 4 hours a month, you'll probably pitch more than you have in the last year.

And, I've made things even simpler. You just have to put 1 hour aside in your calendar and know your pitching goals are taken care of. Just remember...

On Wednesdays, we pitch.

Plus, I give away prizes for coming live, dole out inspiring fun facts, and make writing time fun as hell. So, it's no longer a one-off. It's a tool you can use for consistent writing accountability every month of the year.

Truly, imagine a month where you don't have to worry "am I writing enough?"

Because the answer is a resounding yes with the Pitching Hour.

What's Included in the
 Pitching Hour?

3 New Pitches Every Week

Each Wednesday for 60-minutes, we'll meet on Zoom, and you'll get 3 options of places to pitch.

This includes editor contact info, so no hunting down email addresses. Of course, you won’t have to pitch these places, but narrowing it down will make it easier to come up with ideas. Plus, you’ll get writing time in class.

Then, I'll answer any questions. Need help narrowing down a story? Aren’t sure of proper protocol? Just ask!

We'll always meet at Noon PDT/ 3pm EDT/ 8pm BST. Or watch the recording!

All Your Pitching Questions Answered: A Treasure Trove of Pitch Training

Whether you've never pitched before or you're a pro with a couple questions, you'll get ALL the answers in this video library.

The 40+ videos are laid out like a Q&A. Just search your question and find the answer.

Plus, get a fill-in-the-blanks pitching template and see examples of other pitches that sold.

This alone is worth way more than $25.  And you get to keep it all as long as you're a part of the Pitching Hour.

Guaranteed Time to Write & Keep Improving

Finding the time to pitch, write, focus, and everything else us writers have to do can be tricky. Mostly because life doesn't just stop so we can get some writing done.

Instead of telling yourself you'll pitch, then get lost in a sea of publications, impossibly hidden editor emails, and the temptation to clean 10 closets and then get to work - you can put one hour aside every week.

Just one hour to find new publications, opportunities, and get time to write without doubt.

Plus, see live pitch critiques, get answers to help you keep moving forward, and have the satisfaction of getting closer to your creative goals.

No Facebook Group, Slack Channel, or other weird social media

 It's all on Zoom and email. We'll meet live on Zoom and I'll send reminders via email. No Facebook group or other weird social media platform to learn. You'll get access to a platform with all the videos and recordings and click a link to join live.  

So no need to get bogged down trying to read a bunch of member comments, feeling like you're "missing out" on some thread you don't have time for, or another tab to keep open. We've all got enough open tabs!

This membership is just live accountability to keep you writing, recordings when you can't be there live, and nothing else to distract you from pitching!

Co-Working Sessions Every Friday

Find new pitching opportunities and ideas on Wednesday, then finish them up in the Friday co-working session.

This is a bonus hour a week to focus on your writing in the company of other people.

Led by Sara Murphy (multiple bylines at the New York Times and a Phd in literature), you get an inspiring environment to work and a brilliant person to answer your questions and help hone your ideas.

You don't need to put "finish pitch" on your to-do list, we put it on the calendar for you.

My students have made between $30 - $1200 with a single pitch.

Most of them had no previously published samples when they started.

Even if you don’t sell anything right away, you’ll learn a skill you’ll use for the rest of your writing life...

...And put that skill into practice, every single week.

Some happy words from former students...

Thanks so much for the Pitching Hour. It's super helpful. I couldn’t attend live but I watched the recordings and am about to send out a pitch to Teen Vogue (which is super exciting and I don’t think I could have done it without your class!).

- Vanessa

I love the Pitching Hour! I did two follow-ups on pieces I’d sent out (one to Insider Travel and one to Next Tribe) using your exact template and they BOTH replied and said “Yes, still interested”!!!  Omg. What?!

- Courtenay Rudzinski

I’ve followed up and gotten yes’es, and also learned of many more places to pitch The weekly format keeps me in a writing frame of mind. The price, for what you get - someone else doing the legwork on what and where to pitch, with contact info! - is unbeatable.

-Courtenay R

I stay motivated about pitching and enjoy the hour with like-minded people. Having Amber select 3 options from the sea of confusion that is the internet of possibility - takes a lot of the work out for me.

-Sarah Lane

 "This helped me so much! I was able to get over my roadblocks. I realized through the course of the week that I had so many story ideas and found many outlets that I could possibly pitch to simply because I was encouraged by Amber to think differently about writing and the time I had for it."

- Jaclyn Roessel

Get excited about all the possibilities that come from a single story.

I can’t guarantee you’ll sell a story during the Pitching Hour.

But I guarantee your chances will be 1000 times higher than if you keep wondering “where should I pitch” and putting it off.  

Honestly, some people will sell a pitch in a week. Or a week and a couple days.

It’s happened every week of the membership so far, so chances are high it’ll happen again.

Hello, I'm Amber Petty

I’m a writer for the New York Times, Thrillist, Greatist, Bustle, MTV, IFC, and a bunch more (including Snooki’s blog, jealous?).

More importantly, I’ve worked with over 400 students and helped them get bylines in Huffington Post, Vox, Vulture, the Washington Post, Thrillist, Insider, Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal, and a whole bunch more.  

The first time I was asked to pitch (at the illustrious Snooki blog), I thought “I can’t do that.”

I’d never tried before, but I assumed my ideas wouldn’t be good enough.  

But, I needed the $20 penning “10 Best Pickle Recipes for When You’re Hungover” would bring, so I tried.

And pitching wasn’t so hard!  

Later, I tried bigger publications and eventually got into the New York Times with a completely cold pitch.

Nobody at the Gray Lady was knocking down my door asking me for my thoughts on a British TV show, I brought them the idea and they said yes.  

And anyone can do this.  

Most of my students get their first byline with no previous professional writing experience.  

Even more surprising - editors want to hear from you!  

So, let me do the annoying work of finding editors and publications, and you can focus on bringing your ideas to life and getting braggable bylines of your own.

 "I gave this a try because I was just so tired of being in my own way :( Discovering that editors are not furious with me for daring to pitch them, has improved my confidence. The presentations and exercises were great and Amber, you are just so reassuring."

Amanda Marples

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pitching Hour is every Wednesday at Noon PDT/ 3pm EDT/ 8pm BST for 60 minutes. If you can't make it live, there are recordings of everything, so you can follow along at the time that works for you.

It's all on Zoom and email. We'll meet live on Zoom and I'll send reminders via email. No Facebook group or other weird social media platform to learn. You'll get access to a platform with all the videos and recordings and click a link to join live. Nothing else to distract you from pitching!

It's $25 a month or $250 for a year. 

Yes! You’ll get a whole video library to gives you all the details you need to start pitching. Lots of my students have pitched without previous experience and sold stories, so you’ll be in good company.

If you're consistently pitching and happy with your work, don't take this! You don't need it. But if you aren't confident in your pitching skills or just need some accountability to sit down and actually do it, this is perfect for you.

If you're a creative who's always wanted to write or an entrepreneur or small business owner who'd like to get their expertise out in the world, this will be great! You don't need previous writing experience to join. But you do need to be willing to try and go through the uncomfortable moment of hitting send on an idea. But me and all the other writers will be there to help you get over that hump. P.S. Pitching articles (even if they're focused on showcasing your expertise or business) is way easier than doing PR pitches (in my opinion). And you get paid to publicize yourself, so hooray.

No! I haven’t sold any fiction, novels, or screenplays, and don't have an agent so my advice would not be helpful. This is for non-fiction articles or essays that might show up in places like Huffington Post, Insider, Buzzfeed, the Washington Post, or Vulture (all places my students have been published).

No! All the videos will be recorded and sent to you right after the live.

An hour a week! Honestly, even coming once or twice a month, you could sell a pitch and make your money back for the year. If you can make it every week, great! If you can make it twice a month-ish, it's still worth it.

Once a month! You'll be automatically charged every 30 days. The 30 days start from the day you signed up. So, if you signed up on April 19th, you'll be charged on the 19th of every month.

Cancel anytime! Just email at least 3 days before your next payment and you won't be charged again!

Nope! But you can always cancel after a month and you won't be charged again. For yearly memberships, it's non-refundable.

You can email me! Email and I’ll answer anything!

Just pick your plan and press the pretty pink button below!

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