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Saturday March 30th
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Do you keep saying "I'll start writing tomorrow" and many tomorrows have passed?
Is that copy of The Artist's Way collecting dust on your shelf? Or, are you curious about freelance writing and have no idea where to start?  

Join my free workshop!  

This 60-minute workshop will take you through the basics of how freelance writing works, what you need to do to get started (even when you have zero samples or experience), and then - you'll write!

Go through exercises in class and leave a with Google Doc full of material.  

By the end of the hour, you'll have:  
- A list of article ideas (that editors will want to read)
- A list of publications that are open to freelancers (and pay real money)
- Exercises to create more ideas (and keep track of your brilliance without using 1000 Post-Its and CVS receipts)
- The inspiration to keep writing and say yes to all your ideas
- The confidence to put your ideas into the world and get recognition for your delightful creativity!  

I’m Amber Petty and after acting for 13 years in New York and LA, I started freelance writing 8 years ago. Since then, I’ve written for The New York Times, Thrillist, IFC, MTV, Greatist, Parade, Bustle, and Snooki’s blog (jealous?).

Plus, I've taught hundreds of students who went on to get bylines in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Vulture, McSweeney's, Business Insider, Thrillist, Polygon, Eater, Vox, and a bunch more.

I know what it’s like to have a creative career that involves a ton of waiting around for permission to do what you're good at and not a lot of time spent on creativity.

For years, I felt stuck. I wanted to write, but every project seemed too big. I wanted to create something but feared it would fall flat like my audition for "Woman with legs spread at the gyno's office." When I started freelance writing, it started to get easier. I didn't have to think of an Oscar winning screenplay or a career making novel. I just had to think of a story people might like to read.

By getting through these short ideas and assignments, I gained skill, confidence, and a newfound satisfaction in my creative work. Eventually, stories like "5 Best Canned Wines for Summer" and "Snooki's Favorite Pickle Recipes" gave way to a vulnerable column in Greatist , over 11,000 newsletter subscribers, and a byline in the New York Times.

Freelance writing builds your creative muscles. And you get paid while you do it!

It would be easy to hit the gym if you got paid to lift weights.

Well, freelance writing does exactly that.

So, find out how to get going and start saying yes to your ideas.

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