Your Newsletter Won't Make Money...And Why You Should Do One Anyway

Your Newsletter Won't Make Money...
And Why You Should Start One Anyway
 March 29th 12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 7pm GMT


In this free 60 minute workshop, you'll find out...

- Why starting your own newsletter (on Substack or any other platform) is an amazing move for any writer...

-Even though it's not the 6-figure success story a lot of people make it out to be

-How growing your audience leads to creative control

-How to avoid 3 common pitfalls of a new newsletter

-Options to monetize your newsletter (beyond saying "hey give me $5 for slightly more writing)

- Why an active newsletter helps you become a better, more confident writer...  

-  And you'll want to write more

Plus, you'll get...

- Time to brainstorm newsletter ideas

-Feedback on common questions

- Some writing done!

Plus,  get a workshop recording! Whether Steven Spielberg calls to hire you for a new screenplay or your kid decides to throw up everywhere, the workshop is waiting for you. That way you can follow along in your own time.

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Live- Friday March 29th
12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 7pm GMT

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