Live Workshop
Thursday March 28th
Noon PT/ 3pm ET/ 7pm GMT

 Want to see your name in a cool publication?
You're just a pitch away!
Find out what stories are selling right now, 3 things editors love in a pitch (and a couple things to avoid), and start your first (or next) pitch in class.
All for the wonderful price of FREE!

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“I wasn't expecting to feel so empowered by the workshop, but it really helped lift my confidence and shake off my severe imposter syndrome.”  -Alex McHale  

“This workshop helped me so much! I was able to get over my roadblocks. I realized that I had so many story ideas and found many outlets that I could possibly pitch to simply because I was encouraged by Amber to think differently about writing and the time I had for it.”   - Jaclyn Roessel

In this 60 Minute Workshop, you’ll find out…

  • Types of ideas editors are looking for (spoiler: it doesn’t have to be the “greatest thing ever,” it could be about canned wines or Footloose and still sell
  •  How to format a pitch (and how to avoid editor pet peeves)  
  • Real editor pitch requests (so you can write it up during the workshop and pitch before the class is over)  
  • Time to start your pitch in class (just show up, keep typing, and you’ll have something to send)  
  • A resource with over 250 paying places that take pitches (that you can keep forever)   
  • A recording of the workshop - Whether Steven Spielberg calls to hire you for a new screenplay or your kid decides to throw up everywhere, if something comes up, you’ll get a recording of the workshop. That way you can write along in your own time.
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Here's what other happy students said about previous workshops...

“This workshop helped me start a piece I’d been thinking about starting for months. I loved the exercises and having the support of the group. Amber’s kind, down to earth approach alleviated any anxiety I felt about producing work.” - Elizabeth Reynolds

 “I loved Amber’s gentle, kind, but matter-of-fact energy-- I felt like I was getting writing advice from someone who's been in the world of freelance writing and has a lot of wisdom to pass on. It felt more practical than other freelance writing advice I've had and I love that she gave feedback on everyone’s work.”
- Kelsey O’Brien  

“Because of her wonderful encouragement, Amber inspired me to pitch a story to Insider about how my husband and I became AirBnB superhosts. Based on her advice, I didn't overthink it and sent it off. The editor wrote back immediately with interest and I just signed the contract!”
- Hilary Hattenbach

Students sold stories to Insider, Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, and more - from pitches that started at my free workshop. 

Ready for your next byline?

Wait, who's teaching this?

Hello, my name is Amber Petty and I’m a writer for the New York Times, Thrillist, Greatist, Bustle, MTV, IFC, and a bunch more (including Snooki’s blog, are you jealous?).

Plus, I help creatives get into freelance writing and my students have appeared in Vulture, Vox, Insider, Huffington Post, Polygon, McSweeney’s, and a whole ton more.  Over the past 3 years, I've worked with over 1000 students and helped hundreds get their first bylines.

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