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Grow your audience, start making money, and build a platform for your writing future.

The 8-Week Course to build an audience that cares & wants to give you money.
Feedback & Accountability without any calls.
Plus, the chance to promote yourself to 11,000 people.
Starts March 25th.
4 Payments of $488

Hello, lovely creative!

Let me guess, you have a great newsletter, podcast, business, or book that you know people will love.

The hard part: Getting people to subscribe, buy, or read your work.

That's great news! Well, it probably doesn't feel great, but there are lots of people out there and lots of ways to grow your audience.

Without posting on social media every day, getting on Threads, or trying some weird marketing thing that feels like crap.  

Sure, sharing your work or constantly promoting might make you feel "annoying" or "like an a-hole."

Thankfully, you're not an a-hole.

You're a delight who wants to share their work with the people that need it.

And you can use your natural creativity to attract people that love what you do.

All without skeezy-feeling sales or fake influencer #ad energy. 

Whether you're...

  • A newsletter writer who wants more sign ups (and doesn't want to feel gross for asking) 
  • A fiction writer trying to build a platform to sell your books 
  • A coach/business owner who wants to grow their client base without feeling like a ShamWow salesman 

You're in the right place!

Imagine sitting down to write and knowing there's an audience already there, waiting to hear from you.

An audience excited to get your book, sign up for coaching, or join your class.

A group of fans you love your writing and want to give you money!

That sounds like creative freedom right?

It is!

All you have to do is grow your audience in a way that feels fun, creative, and like an extension of what you already do well.

There are only 3 steps to creating an audience that loves your work and pays your bills...

  1. You grow your audience and get the right people to see your words.
  2. You help the people in your audience, so readers see you're more than a cute penpal - you're a resource.
  3. When you're ready, you invite the reader to invest in what you've got to give. That could be a book, subscription, workshop, course, coaching, whatever. It's an extension of what you've been giving all along, so people will be excited to buy.
  4. Feel really cool that you made a living out of writing without a single yes from a fancy gatekeeper/say hooray and buy yourself that luxe weighted blanket you really wanted.

Okay, there are 4 steps (and the blanket thing probably only applied to me), but you can see how easy it is to grow a career out of the stuff you want to write.

Put these magic steps into action with...

Double Your Subscribers

The 8-Week Course to build a platform for your creative career.
Starts March 25th

In the course, you'll get...

- Feedback on all your ideas through Slack, which means no Zooms to schedule, just answers and feedback when you need it, no matter your schedule.
- Accountability to promote your work (without feeling like a jerk).
-Training to make a freebie/lead magnet that lures in wonderful readers.
- Promo to my 11,000 person audience (for everyone who finishes their freebie by May 20th)
- Focused lessons on how to make money with your newsletter (beyond saying "hey, give me $5 for more writing)
- Guide & templates to create a welcome sequence that makes people fans even faster.
-Lessons are pre-recorded, so you can watch whenever.
- A complete course on how to sell free & paid workshops! I made $3400 from my first workshop (when I had 77 subscribers). And lots more since then.You'll see how to set up a free workshop, how it can grow your audience & lead to sales, the simplest tech needed to set everything up, and ways to run paid workshops that make money and leave your students happy.

Plus, you get my exact email sales sequence that sold 184 memberships (which led to $8000 that week and over $50,000 all far)

I've made over $100,000 a year with these tools and you'll see exactly what I did (minus the hours spent freaking out about whether I should do TikTok or not).

Are $100K results guaranteed? No.

This course doesn't guarantee $100K.

It does guarantee a new stream of income, greater control of your creative career, and definitely a much bigger audience (which could lead to $100K someday, like me!).

 "Amber packs so much valuable content into all of her courses, and is so supportive of both new and more established writers! Trust me, she is the best teacher you could ask for."

Wendi Gordon

The first 6 weeks, we focus on Growing Your Audience.

By the end of the course, you'll have...

  • 5 new ways to promote your newsletter (spoiler: it’s not Facebook ads) 
  • A sustainable marketing plan (and you won’t think it’s gross)  
  • A freebie/lead magnet that you're excited to share and people are thrilled to sign up for  
  • Personal feedback on your freebie idea and any other copy you want me to look at

Everyone who finishes their freebie by May 20th gets a promo out in my newsletter to 11,000 people.

Past students got anywhere from 20-200 subscribers from this alone.

Plus, you'll get 5 new marketing skills that you can use over and over for years to come.

The last 2 weeks, we focus on Making Money with Your Audience.

By the end of the course, you'll know how to...

  • Run free workshops/webinars to grow your list and sell your products (in a surprisingly fun way).
  • Write a creative email welcome sequence to turn subscribers into fans even faster.
  • Write sales emails that people want to read (people say they love reading my sales emails. When's the last time you thanked Athleta for sending you 10 emails for 50% off leggings?)
  • Run paid workshops/courses to add to your income right away.
  • Find the best offer for you and your audience. Which usually isn't a $5 subscription, but options that are a lot more fun and way easier to sell. 

See the exact email sales sequence I used to make $8000 in 7 days and get 184 new membership members.

You can't copy and paste it, but you can use it as a template to consistently sell writing workshops/courses/memberships despite the fact that "no one has any money" and "no one wants to buy courses anymore." 

Who Should NOT Take This Class?

To make sure I don't waste your time, if these sound like you, the class might not be a good fit.

  • If you need money from your newsletter right away: Yes, a newsletter can bring in a lot of money…but not overnight. In 8 weeks, you could probably make $1000-$2000 with the stuff from class. But if you need to pay your rent via newsletter today, this isn't the right fit.
  • If you don't have a newsletter or email list in place. You need to have at least a way for people to sign up for your email list (or Substack), since this course does not cover email list setup.
  • If you know everything about list building, email marketing, and already have a thriving newsletter - you don’t need this. 
  • If you won’t promote your work: Are you hesitant/worried/feeling nauseous about promoting your work? That’s fine. Most writers don’t get into writing for the marketing fun. But if you aren’t willing to be a little uncomfortable and get coaching and support to get through that discomfort, then this class is a miss. 
  • If you're an a-hole. My classes are full of dreamboats, supportive people, so jerks need not apply. 

This course is made to Save Time & Get It Done

This isn’t a class where you sit back, listen to some lessons, and think “great, I know exactly what to do. Now, I’ll clean out that weird closet I’ve never cared about and not revisit this for 6 months.”

In this live program, you’ll actively build your audience, week by week.
The tasks are small but powerful.
And the timeline is quick to get things off the ground and not get lost in overthinking.
Get support through stumbling blocks, "who wants to read this" critical voice attacks, and the odd emotional and technical headaches that come with something new.
Go from talking about your emails as "my little writing thing" to "my amazing writing career."

 "I got a huge mindset shift, courtesy of Amber. The last couple of months, writing and growing my Substack, have felt energizing and creative in a way that I SUPER needed, after some previous publishing drama. And I knew that I didn't need that book deal to move forward with my creative/career goals.
Now, I have a completely new mindset about perfection, a fun writing practice, and a couple hundred newsletter subscribers I definitely didn't have before, all courtesy of Amber Petty! 

Micaela Blei 

Oh look, a whole bonus course!
Create Webinars & Sell Workshops

Laura Belgray
Best-Selling Author, Owner of Talking Shrimp, Best Email Marketer

Want to do a webinar that's fun and sells? Wish you could fill your workshops? Have lots to teach, but have no idea how to do it?

Find out all these answers in Create & Sell Free & Paid Workshops.

This is 3 years of running successful workshops packed into one fun-to-watch course.

You'll find out...

  • All the tech you need (spoiler: it's not much and it's as simple as possible)
  • How to make your free workshop helpful for your students and helpful to your wallet.
  • Why free workshops bring in the best subscribers.
  • A complete breakdown of my best selling webinars.
  • A complete breakdown of my best selling emails.
  • The mistakes so many people make with workshops, that you can completely avoid from day one.

Basically, this a complete curriculum on email marketing and making money with online workshops & course.

Similar courses charge $2000 for this stuff.

You get it as a free bonus.

Because selling workshops is incredibly hard without an audience. So, when you learn to double your subscribers, you also learn how to potentially double your income.

Fun fact: The first year of my newsletter and courses, I literally doubled my full-time income from my copywriting job (I made $110,000 in my first year, so much more than I made with any former job).

Double Your Subscribers
Get creative freedom & cash in your account.
Starts March 25th 



  • $488 a month for 4 months
  • $1952 total

One-Time Fee


  • Pay once and never again
  • Save $2!

What happy students said...

"A great platform for my memoir"

"I'm getting positive feedback for all my newsletter posts. It's already a great platform for my upcoming memoir."

Anna Dao

"Capable and confident"

"I feel so much more capable and confident! My newsletter doesn't feel like big a deal in a really good way.   And most importantly, it still feels fun!"

Jess Beachkofsky

"Built a community around my business"

"My newsletter built a community around my business. That's something I've been trying to do for a long time, but never knew how and never managed to do. It's made me and my clients feel more connected."

Lou Piccolo

Hello, I'm Amber Petty!

I’m Amber Petty and after being an actor for 13 years in New York, I got tired of waiting for auditions to play “girl who’s unpleasantly surprised by scale” in Weight Watchers commercials, moved to LA, and started freelance writing.

8 years later, I write full-time, have appeared in The New York Times, Thrillist, Greatist, Parade, IFC, MTV, Bustle, Syfy Wire, and Snooki’s blog (jealous?).

Plus, I've helped over 900 students start writing, get bylines, and build an audience.

 I've seen very talented people start a newsletter, wonder why they can't get subscribers, and quit in a rage after issue 4

I, too, started and bailed on two newsletters.
It seemed overwhelming, I had 20 people reading on a good day, and felt like I was annoying everyone.
So, I went back to hiding in comfy blankets and thinking "why does that weirdo have a popular newsletter, while no one cares about me?"
Thankfully, my pissy attitude ceased and I found a topic I could write a lot about, that was very helpful to people, and I wound up with 2000 subscribers in a year (with under $500 in ads).
In year 3, I'm up to 11,000 subscribers, have very high open rates (53%), and I've sent 1 million emails.
Literally. 1 million!

Through this consistency, I've found greater confidence in my business, my writing, and even my dumbest ideas.
I mean, I wrote a book of short stories about Cats, simply because I knew someone in my growing audience would be interested (also, I just really wanted to write things about Cats, the terrible show fascinates me).
Having an audience to show up for helps your writing immensely. Not only do you get more practice, you get to explore your own voice, and share your ideas without waiting around for a gatekeeper's approval.
Plus, hearing "you're great," "I love getting your emails," and "I just bought your thing!" feels pretty good.

 "Amber helped me so much! I was able to get over my roadblocks. I realized through the workshop that I had so many ideas simply because I was encouraged by Amber to think differently about writing and the time I had for it."

Jaclyn Roessel

What's in the course? Let me show you!

Week 1: Another 10 Subscribers

  • Hone in on why people want to read your newsletter (spoiler: there are lots of good reasons).
  • Get new ways to get 10 more quick subscribers.

Week 2: Freebie

  • What is a freebie? And why do you want one. Find out!
  • Get a list with lots of freebie possibilities (one is a karaoke party, so it’s not your normal list).

Week 3: Newsletter Swaps

  • Find out about newsletter swaps and the best way to find them.
  • Learn why unsubscribes are inevitable and not a big deal.

Week 4: Nice Networking

  • Find out how to “nice network” (it doesn’t involve any conferences or Zooms with strangers).
  • No schmoozing or business cards required. As long as your willing to give someone a compliment, you can do this.

Week 5: Ads

  • Find out why it’s worth spending a little money on ads (even if it’s just $25). Facebook ads are not part of this.
  • Get a list of proven places to advertise (that got me over 9000 subscribers in 3 years).

Week 6: Share Your Freebie & Keep Growing

  • Launch your freebie!
  • Find out how to make a plan to keep the newsletter going, growing, and start bringing in income.

Week 7: Make Money With Your Newsletter

  • Find 9 ways to make money for your newsletter (that go way beyond "please pay $5 for slightly more writing")
  • How to avoid underpricing (or wanting to give everything away for free)

Week 8: Copy Feedback, Workshops, & Other Good Things to Know

  • Get feedback on workshop ideas, welcome sequence copy, or sales emails.
  • Choose your next move to keep your newsletter going strong.

Plus, these accountability bonuses!

Slack Group for Feedback
Get answers, feedback on copy, help choosing ideas, and coaching to get through all the
"I'm bothering everyone" and "no one wants this" freakout that comes with a newsletter.
I'm available 12/7 (I have to sleep and eat, sorry) to help you grow the crap out of your audience.

Live Accountability Without Calls
You're busy. It's a fact. 
But it's also great to have some community, accountability, and help from someone who's been through it.
With the pre-recorded lessons and quick feedback on Slack 
(I answer within 24 hour max, though usually much faster), 
you get to interact with a kind group and get my advice on your schedule
Whether you've got to take care of a toddler with an ear infection 
or your boss gave you a last minute dumbass assignment, 
you don't miss out on any resource.

Network in a Not-Gross Way with Lovely People
You'll find that everyone in class is lovely and there to cheer you on. You'll also find people you want to collaborate with.
Grow your network without any awkward conversations or business cards. 
Instead, meet other lovely writers/creatives/business owners who might want to share your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

March 25th! You'll get access to all the lessons right away, but the Slack group for questions, notes, and feedback goes from March 25th - May 19th

No! You're busy and you're growing your audience. That's a lot to do. So, instead of meeting weekly (which is tough for many time zones), you get a Slack group where you can ask questions, get coaching, or get copy feedback whenever you want! I'll reply within 24 hours max (often much sooner) and you can reply when it's best for you. 

Yes - or at least an email list. This course won't tell you how to set up an email list, so you need a Substack or a sign up page with Convertkit, MailerLite, or another email server to get the most from the class.

About 2 hours a week! You will want to work every week to get your newsletter going, but you don't need to spend a billion hours. Some weeks, you may want more than 3 hours, but generally 1-2 hours a week to spend on your newsletter is great.

No! Only one of my promotional options involves social media. So if that's not your bag, you can skip that tiny portion and still find lots of ways to promote your newsletter.

If you do the lessons, yes. Nearly all my previous students doubled their subscribers within 8-12 weeks. Now, if you already have 2000 or more subscribers, it might take a little longer. Or not! But the tools worked for therapists, storytellers, writers, filmmakers, teachers, and more. Life is weird so I can't guarantee anything, but if you try it's very likely you'll get a big audience boost.

Yes! I made $3400 within the first month of my newsletter. Other people don't even try to make money for years and when they finally have an offer they're excited about, their audience is there. I'm not promising instant riches. But if you want to get clients, sell workshops or coaching, or move more books, you can make your money back from this course in 2 months if you wanted to.

Email me at Ask me anything you like!

Oh, and there's a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Within the first week, if you find the class isn't giving you what you need to grow your audience, then you get your money back.
Just email within 7 days of purchase and you'll get a 100% refund.
If this isn't obviously valuable to you, I don't want you to waste your time!

Double Your Subscribers:
A New Audience, Freebie, & Offer Before Summer Starts
Begins March 25th



  • $488 a month for 4 months
  • $1952 total

One-Time Fee


  • Pay once and never again
  • Save $2!

 "It is no exaggeration that this class changed my life! It took my lifelong dream of becoming a writer and gave me the tools, accountability, feedback, and encouragement I needed to make my dream come true."

Risa Harms

You're great!

Writing is never easy, but developing an audience through my newsletter has been the best part of my career so far.

It's brought me new opportunities, students, and writing to look forward to every week.

Through my newsletter, I've even learned to like promoting myself. As the person who used to whisper "hey could you come to my show, actually nevermind it's a bother," that's a huge deal.

You may not like promoting yourself, but this class will change the way you think about marketing your work and building your fanbase.

Your audience is out there. I can't wait for you to meet them!

- Amber Petty

P.S. - Enjoy my dance class photo from 1993. It's unrelated, but proves my loves of sparkles goes back a ways.

Double Your Subscribers
Starts March 25th



  • $488 a month for 4 months
  • $1952 total

One-Time Fee


  • Pay once and never again
  • Save $2!